Newfangled Solutions creates software for creating hard goods. At Newfangled Solutions we love to build things and we are always looking for a better product or method to create items more easily. Our Software is dedicated to those who create for their own need and to create saleable products. We are engineers, technicians, machinists, craftsman, tinkerers, and manufacturers. We use and test our products to solve our issues and those of our friends, community, and business associates.

Please download our software and give it a try. After successfully installing and testing our software you can purchase a software license at our site or through one of our authorized distributors. Click the ADD to CART buttons below when you are ready to purchase a license directly from the developers of MACH.

Licenses are emailed almost immediately after you complete your transaction in the checkout.  Please view our terms and conditions for more details.

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You can purchase a license directly from a local distributor that can provide support in your area and/or language.

Follow the link below to find a partner near your location.

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